Four steps to solo drive

Basically, there are four stages before your are really on boarding.
First stage: prepare for learner permit test

Computer Theory Test

Including Learner Permit Test and Hazard Perception Test

You should firstly Practice Online [ Road Knowledge Handbook ] and then attend Hazard Perception Test , when you feel confident to attend a real test you can Book a Learner Permit test which costs around $40.90, after passing this, then you can Book a Hazard Perception test which costs around $35.5. After passing the two tests, you can start the second stage -->

Second stage, driving with a supervisor


Learning experiences and skills from DI for the safe driving

Do you always feel a headache at the thought of parking in the supermarket car park? Do you usually get a scared horn behind when changing lanes or running into a roundabout? Do you tend to avoid driving on freeway or driving to a far distance destination? If the answer is yes, that is where the Driving Instructor can help. When you feel confident to have a solo driving you can start the third stage-->

Third stage, taking a road test


Getting your sole driving accreditation by passing the VicRoads Practice Test

You can Book a Drive Test online, which costs around $60.70. Basically, it lasts around 30 minutes and includes two stages. First stage is around 10 minutes including a parallel parking OR a 3-point-turn, Second stage is around 20 minutes including an array of testing items.

Fourth stage, solo drive

Solo Driving

Attaining your own experiences and skills and form your own driving philosophy

It is true that you cannot learn all things during the past three stages, like all kinds of road conditions in different weather conditions, some special road signs like Hook-Turn, basic local driving etiquette like give way to drivers who not legally but reasonably have the right to use the road.


Students who have passed the Practice Test would like to comment on the Driving Instructor as

"Thanks for DI Liu who helped me passed the Practice Test at VicRoads Burwood at one time, I have owned my overseas driving license for 6 years but have quite few local driving experiences like lack of Head Checks, Give Way and Speed Controlling. Thankfully, after 4 lessons with DI Liu, I made it."

"I am now confidently running on the way to shopping center or on the way to school to send and pick up my kids, DI Liu saved me from struggle in parking, turning and speed controlling, especially when running into a strange place after 10 lessons."

"I have over 21 years driving experiences in China, but have quite a little driving skills in Australia, so the most important thing for me was that I met DIA Liu from my friend and got the most important enssential driving skills for a Travel Visa. "

"A student who is now facing graduate from university, learning driving from scratch, I love the driving philosophy of "The unique goal of driving is to arrive your destination safely", with his spacious Subaru teaching car I have been enjoying in the lesson for 8 times."


If don't need the drive test, just minus 260 from the package then it's the training package fee.


[90 minutes/Lesson]
$ 140

[1 Lessons + 1 Drive Test]

[1 Drive Test PK Included $260]
$ 400

[2 Lessons + 1 Drive Test]

[1 Drive Test PK Included $260]
$ 530

[4 Lessons + 1 Drive Test]

[1 Drive Test PK Included $260]
$ 710

[6 Lessons + 1 Drive Test]

[1 Drive Test PK Included $260]
$ 980

[8 Lessons + 1 Drive Test]

[1 Drive Test PK Included $260]
$ 1220

[10 Lessons+1 Drive Test]

[1 Drive Test PK Included $260]
$ 1480

1 Drive Test PK

[45 mins warm up included]
$ 260


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Total 200

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[ Handbook-English ]
The actual test has 32 questions, 78% pass mark



Hazard Perception Test Practice

38 Videos [iPhone users might have to download APP as Safari won't work on the Videos]
Download link:iPhone Version   Android Version
The actual test has 28 Videos,45 minutes to complete,58% pass mark

VicRoads Drive Test Analysis

We are here not telling what is wrong or right, just remind you to pay attention to these things.

Pre-drive check

Before you begin the on-road component of the drive test with your vehicle (or your instructor's vehicle), the licence testing officer will instruct you to:
1. Indicator/Signal Left & Right / off
2. Put on head lights on /Low beam / High beam / Back to low beam and leave the low beam for (the whole) test
3. Hazard/Emergency lights -- Leave them for a moment
4. Washers and Wipers / with Water

5. Indicator/Signal left, Indicator/Signal Right / Off
6. Brake lights/Foot on Brake / Off brake

7. Can you point the Front/Rear Demister
8. Can you point the Handbrake
9. Beep/Sound your Horn

10. When you are ready, start the car and forward to the exit

Instructions of a typical drive test

Instructions may vary from one test officer to another, typically including the following contents:
1. When you ready, start the car (Engine)

2. Please forward to the exit, at the exit turn left(right) 请把车开到出口处,出口左转(右转)

3. At the next street(second) street, turn left(right) 在下一个路口(第二个路口)左转(右转)

4. At the end of the street turn left(right)在路的尽头左转(右转)

5. At the roundabout turn left(right or continue straight) 在交通环岛处左转(右转或者直行)

6. At the roundabout do a U-turn 在环岛处调头

7. At the traffic lights turn left into the right(left, middle, second) lane 在红绿灯处左转 转入右侧(左侧,中间,第二条)车道

8. At the traffic lights turn right into the right lane

9. At the traffic lights, move into the left lane, from the left lane turn right into the far left lane 红绿灯处变道道左侧车道,从左侧车道右转,转入最左侧车道

10. At the traffic lights, turn right from the right lane 红绿灯处从右侧车道右转

11. When safe, please do a Three-Point-Turn 找个安全的地方做一个三点调头

12. Can you please use the (Red) car on the left do a Reverse-Parallel-Parking 请用左边这辆(红)车做一个平行倒停车

13. Find a safe place(when it's safe), pull over to the curb and stop 找一个安全的地方靠路边停车

14. When it's safe please (move off) continue 安全的时候请继续前行

15. When it's safe move into the left (right, middle) lane 安全的时候请变道到左侧(右侧,中间)车道

16. At the first VicRoads drive way turn right(路局的第一个入口右转), at the second VicRoads drive way turn left(路局的第二个入口左转) 这个是Heatherton路局的指令

17. Turn right into VicRoad car park and find somewhere safe to park. 这个是Burwood路局的回路局指令